The Kaaba in Mecca is a cube, a dice that represents the most important religious sanctuary in the Islamic world. An enclosure, a building, a house, a castle, a vessel – in which love, faith, and hope reside. The Kaaba, the cube, is not inhabited, it is visited and revered, worshipped and circumambulated. 

Millions of faithful people move and are moved - up to mental and physical exhaustion. When the documentary image can no longer depict one's own experience, when speed, time, space, feelings, and smells do not reach the soul, then a transformation is needed. A transfer and translation into another mediating medium.

The black box is a sealed object containing information. To access the information, an external stimulus or impulse is required, which must be connected to a defined interface.

The title of the three-part work series 'black box,' Zaki Al-Maboren demonstrates his method of attempting to analyze current political hotspots and their hidden interconnections.

With this exhibition, we aim to make the living reality of Black people in Germany visible. Here they unfortunately also often become victims of racially motivated acts of violence.

 "Self-Profiling" brings this to the consciousness of the viewers and creates a personal empathetic connection to the victims without making any accusation towards the exhibition's visitors. The victims are not "the strangers" or "the others" - they are friends, colleagues, spouses, fathers, and mothers, people like you and me.

The wall paintings (Djidariyat) documented by Zaki Al-Maboren in this exhibition are an impressive testament to the power of images in the context of political upheavals in Sudan. Even for those of us who are not familiar with the precise connections and backgrounds of the protests that began in December 2018, viewing the images conveys a special sense of urgency and hope for change. We know little about their creators. However, we can be certain that they had the courage to rebel through art in an atmosphere of fear and repression. With great stylistic diversity, they call for unity among protesters and address various causes of the protests, such as lack of freedom, deprivation, or abuses by security forces.

The main idea behind the "flying art exhibition" is to provide Omani artists with the opportunity to engage in an international discourse with their works. The "journey around the world" aims to foster an exchange about Omani tradition, identity, and artistic inspiration while also attempting to reflect on and enrich the identity of their own society with new influences. The exhibition will present 43 works by artists from the Omani Society for Fine Arts in Muscat.

What is the energy of the future? Creativity.
What is the creativity of the future? Friendly energy. Art is an expression of emotional energies. It is contrasted with creative processes of new technology. Our drive is to make the relationship between both sides visible.

Therefore, since March 2012, we have been working together with CUBE Engineering to provide a platform for creatively conveying the subject of art and new energy - the symbiosis of technology and emotion. The aim is to improve our quality of life through intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange. From this idea, CUBE colors emerged. 

With this first exhibition, we want to release energy that stimulates and transforms.

Zaki Al-Maboren

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